Just close your eyes

And imagine,


(Of course , after

You will have finished it all!)


I’m in the middle of nowhere,

Beating my brains up!

I was now listening to your track


I always have,

since I’m a


Branch at lunch!

lunch at brunch!


Fearing the day,

Loving the Night!



I wanted to express my point of view,

About this track!

Those are the beating beats

Near here

Over the earth of the pinky East!

Close to the…… So Far!

Going and coming

Brunches of punches

Running so fast!

Taking and getting

All this brunch of brunchpunchz

Listening to what your music,

Into this brain,


I am a bad English writer

And am so sorry for that,

But I am worse in talking.

I feel like


( hope you’re getting it)

In two words:

Down here ,

Inside this planet X,

Your music did quite great!

So thank you for the Trip!


Inida Gjata ZHAKU,

a.k.a something else !

p.s this is recommended under the influence of Brunchpunch , produced by Jaxson.


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